Laugh While You Learn with Improv Coach Joe Hammer

Author of The Improv Edge and Blank to Brilliant, Joe will introduce you to essential improvisation skills that will assist you in building spontaneity, listening, acceptance, confidence, collaborative creativity and teamwork ... and all in an active and fun way!

Joe Hammer -

Laugh While You Learn with Improv Coach Joe Hammer

Author of The Improv Edge, Joe will introduce you to essential improvisation skills that will assist you in building spontaneity, listening, acceptance, confidence, collaborative creativity and teamwork ... and all in an active and fun way!

Ready to undo rigid thinking, improve social skills and boost self-confidence? Your organization's training doesn't have to be such serious business!

Beyond Conventional Training…

With change being the only constant these days, it stands to reason that conventional training and leadership development programs are no longer as effective as they once were. That’s where Joe Hammer can help.

Using techniques derived from his experience in applied improvisation as his work as a hypnotherapist, Joe creates mindful training programs for businesses and organizations, specializing in the areas of leadership, executive presence, public speaking, team building and change management. 

Joe’s “new way of thinking” techniques not only produce behavioral change, but they retrain the brain to produce sustainable results. Joe’s improv-based learning helps people break patterns, create behavior change and respond to challenges in new ways. The results allow new skills and behaviors that will be immediately practical in life as well as in the workplace!

Joe Hammer - Improv Coach and Master Trainer
Semarchy Improv Training with Joe Hammer
Improv Training with Joe Hammer
Joe and his team provided a very fun and impactful experience for our executive team. I immediately saw everyone highly engaged in the art of improv and the perspective it brings to us as leaders. What a fun and valuable lesson to listen carefully before responding while having a ton of fun along the way. I would highly recommend this experience for a team!
Lamont Yoder, CEO
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Meet Joe Hammer...

Since experiencing the Upright Citizens Brigade in New York City decades ago, Joe Hammer continues his study, appreciation and teaching of improvisation principles, implementing them into his life, businesses and training programs. As a business development speaker, author and entertainer, Joe provides personal and business EXCELeration programs to progressive organizations and entrepreneurs. 

In addition to teaching and performing Improvisation Comedy, Joe has entertained audiences with his unique Magic/Comedy and Stage Hypnosis shows. Being a Stage Hypnotist, Joe knows the difference between entertaining an audience and putting them to sleep! 

Joe is the founder of The Outcasters, an improv training and performance troupe, located in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is also the author of The Improv Edge – How the art of improv can boost your confidence, enrich your life and fast-track you to a more energized and motivated presence and Blank to Brilliant – Mastering communication skills through the Power of Improv!

Due to TV shows like Whose Line Is It, Anyway?, improv training has skyrocketed in popularity. Outside of the entertainment value it provides, individuals are realizing the many life-changing benefits improv has to offer. Forward-looking organizations are turning to Joe’s improv expertise to assist with their company’s communication and team building needs.

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What Program Participants Say About Joe...

Joe Hammer magically weaves together universal principles, scientific data about how the mind works, and loads of contemporary humor. He’s a natural for bringing a fresh approach to applying spiritual ideas to the changes many really want to make. A gem!
Karen Russo, Author, The Money Keys

Scottsdale, Arizona

Joe is very generous with his information. He puts more useful information in his program than any others I’ve attended.
Fred Dunn

Enfield, New Hampshire

Joe is an amazing improviser. His facial expressions, characters and ability to carry a scene are so inspiring. Some people can do and some people can teach. Joe is one of those rare talents that can do both. And boy, does he do them well.

I always appreciated Joe's feedback and coaching because it was in the spirit of giving and his intentions were always to help and improve the scene and our skills. Joe is also a clear communicator and has great people skills to direct newbies and seasoned students. I highly recommend learning from the best and that is Joe Hammer!
Jenny Locklin,

Scottsdale, Arizona

Very informative and packed with clear examples. It was fabulous!
Amanda Campbell

Hope, Rhode Island

I love that his approach is based on psychologically connecting with our client so we can offer more of what they need!
Betty Metzler

Champaign, Illinois

The improv experience was very different from anything I had done before. I tend to like structure and know expectations if I am in front of a group, so standing up with no knowledge of what was to come completely put me out of my comfort zone. It required me to listen more intently and be willing to adapt to the changes that came up. I truly feel the exercise improved the way I listen and engage with my team.
Mike Herring, COO
Banner Gateway Medical Center
Joe has amazing energy and speaks of real life experiences. All of his examples and analogies made the subject matter approachable and applicable in everyday life.
Colleen Frisbie

Phoenix, Arizona

Joe is a spectacular speaker with enthusiasm, knowledge and application. Joe is clear in his thinking and provides a no-nonsense approach to achievement.
John Favara

Phoenix, Arizona

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Virtual and on-site training also available.

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